International LGBTQIA+ Films

Chester County Library is celebrating Pride all throughout the month of June, and you can celebrate with us by checking out some of the LGBTQIA+ movies in our collection! This list features LGBTQIA+ inclusive movies from all around the world!

Bad Education (Spanish, 2004, Rated R)
Follows two lifelong friends from the school where they each suffer sexual abuse, and throughout their lives, exploring how this violence colors their experiences.

Being 17 (French, 2016, Not Rated)
Two teen boys, initially rivals, are forced by unseen circumstances to live together, and must navigate their budding attraction to one another.bad edu

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (German, 1972, Not Rated)
Two women form a complicated love triangle with the eccentric fashion designer Petra von Kant when they move into her apartment.

The Cakemaker (Hebrew, 2017, Not Rated)
After his lover dies in a car crash, a young German baker moves to Jerusalem and helps his lover’s widow revitalize her café with his baking. But how long can he lie about who he is?

End of the Century (Spanish, 2019, Not Rated)
Two men encounter one another over and over in what appear to be a series of coincidences. But as they begin a love affair, they find they might be drawn together by destiny.

A Fantastic Woman (Spanish, 2017, Rated R)
Marina, a transgender waitress and nightclub singer, copes with the loss of her boyfriend and with the scrutiny his death brings upon her.

Fire (Indian, 1996, Not Rated)fire
Banned in India upon release, this was the first Indian film to explore a lesbian relationship. Trapped in loveless marriages, Sita and Radha find comfort and love in their increasingly close relationship.

Greta (Portuguese, 2019, Not Rated)
To secure a hospital bed for his dying friend, an elderly gay nurse sneaks a convict out of the hospital and begins to care for him in his apartment.

The Handmaiden (Korean, 2016, Not Rated)
A Korean woman (secretly working for a con man) is employed as a handmaiden to a wealthy Japanese lady, but falls in love with her even as she’s trying to rob her.

Hazlo Como Hombre (Spanish, 2017, Rated R)
Three lifelong friends have their world rocked when one of them comes out as gay. Initially hesitant, the other two help their friend embrace his new life.

Heartstone (Icelandic, 2016, Not Rated)no way jose
Two boys come of age one summer in a remote fishing town. One, Thor, falls in love with a girl while the other, Christian, falls in love with Thor.

Jitters (Icelandic, 2010, Not Rated)
A first kiss with a boy one summer abroad causes Gabriel to realize he is gay. Returning home, he faces scrutiny from his family, and things get more complicated when his summer crush reappears.

José (Spanish, 2018, Not Rated)
Growing up in a conservative, religious city and with an overprotective mother, José doesn’t think he’ll ever come out. But when he meets the gentle Luis, a world of new possibilities opens up.

Kanarie (Afrikaans, 2019, Not Rated)
At the height of South African Apartheid, a young man must serve his compulsory military training in the South African Defense Force Choir and Concert Group.

Knife + Heart (French, 2018, Not Rated)la cage
When porn producer Anne is dumped by her girlfriend, she vows to win her back by making an extravagant new film with a flamboyant gay man. But her plan has scary consequences…

La Cage Aux Folles (French, 1978, Rated R)
A gay couple must fool their son’s ultra-conservative new father-in-law by using their drag skills to disguise one of them as a woman. But how long can they keep up the disguise?

Mom + Mom (Italian, 2018, Not Rated)
A young lesbian couple desperately want a child, and go through many trials and tribulations trying to have one. Based on the director’s true-life experiences.

No Dress Code Required (Spanish, 2017, Not Rated)
Victor and Fernando want to get married in their small hometown of Mexicali, Mexico, but must overcome countless legal and social hurdles to do so.

North Sea Texas (Dutch, 2011, Not Rated)portrait of a lady
A teenage boy, Pim, falls in love with the boy who lives next door to him.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (French, 2019, Rated R)
A young woman is hired to secretly paint the bridal portrait of a wealthy lady recently released from a convent. As they spend time together, their friendship grows into collaboration and love.

Santa & Andres (Spanish, 2016, Not Rated)
In Eastern Cuba, a young girl is assigned to stand guard at the house of a blacklisted author for three days. But as they spend time together, they realize they have a lot in common.

Spa Night (Korean, 2016, Not Rated)
A young man starts working at a spa and, seeing gay customers there, begins to consider his own sexuality. He struggles to balance being true to himself with pleasing his traditional, conservative family.

Stranger by the Lake (French, 2013, Not Rated)
While on vacation, Franck falls madly in love with the mysterious Michel. But when a murder occurs, the men’s affair makes them the prime suspects.

Summertime (French, 2015, Not Rated)tom of finland
During the early feminist movement of the 1970s, Carol and Delphine fall in love. But when Carol is called home to the countryside, she must choose between love and duty to her family.

Thelma (Norwegian, 2017, Not Rated)
A shy young woman leaves home for college, but while there begins to suffer terrible seizures. She must cope with her burgeoning feelings for another girl as well as budding supernatural abilities.

Tom of Finland (Finnish, 2018, Not Rated)
The true-life story of the titular artist, from his time serving in WWII, to his struggles with repressive 1950s Finnish society, to the triumph of his art during the sexual revolution of the 70s.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Chinese, 2013, Not Rated)
A married doctor bumps into an old friend at a party, which awakens repressed feelings. Yearning to be more true to himself, he begins to look for true love.

The Witnesses (French, 2008, Not Rated)will you still
At the dawn of the AIDS crisis in France, the lives of a writer, her boyfriend, a renowned doctor, and a handsome young gay man all unexpectedly intersect.

Xenia (Greek, 2014, Not Rated)
After the untimely death of their mother, two brothers, Dany and Ody, travel across the countryside of Greece to find their estranged father.

XXY (Spanish, 2008, Not Rated)
Alex, an intersex teenager, begins to develop feelings for the son of a family friend. But to protect her from the prejudice of others, her family decides to move from Buenos Aires to a small, remote town.

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