13 Movies for Halloween

To celebrate Halloween I will post 13 of my favorite Halloween movies or T.V. Shows, with a short review, every night until Halloween!


“Jack Skellington is the King of Halloween. He becomes bored with the same routine every year. He decides to take a walk in the woods. There, he discovered a door leading to Christmastown and decides to spread Christmas joy to the world. When he is back in Halloweentown he shows his friends what Christmas is like, and he suggests doing Christmas this year instead. But things do not go as planned when Oogie Boogie, an evil gambling boogey man, plots to play a game with Santa Claus’ life and creates a nightmare for all the good little boys and girls everywhere. Although Sally attempts to stop him, Jack embarks into the sky on a coffin-like sled pulled by skeletal reindeer.”

A lot of people get into the debate: is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? My answer: it’s a bit of both, or rather a Halloween movie that leads into the Christmas season. I think it’s perfect to watch on the day after Halloween, when you want to welcome Christmas with open arms but can’t quite yet let Halloween go. Parodying the first line of Clement Clarke Moore’s Christmas Poem, “Twas a Night Before Christmas,” Tim Burton twists the story of Christmas to add a much darker tone. Jack Skellington, who is considered “The Pumpkin King,” is tasked with planning the annual Halloween holiday in Halloweentown. After growing weary of the same holiday that is put on year after year, Jack Skellington accidentally finds himself in the center of Christmas Town. It is there that he is inspired to bring the bright and cheery atmosphere over to Halloweentown for their celebration. But he is met by much dismay of the residents of Halloweentown.

Shockingly, I had not watched The Nightmare Before Christmas as a child, despite my family being huge admirers of Tim Burton. The first time I had watched the movie I was an adult and, in all honesty, I feel as though I appreciated it a lot more. Going in, I knew of Tim Burton’s style and admired his creativity and genius, I did not doubt that I would enjoy the film. The claymation is simply remarkable; the movements of all characters are fluid and seem very life like, which, I would argue, is the complete opposite of some original Christmas claymation films. Danny Elfman’s music ties in perfectly  and adds another dimension to the film. It is rumored that Tim Burton would often pick up this project and then set it back down again for various reasons. When it was eventually released in 1993, it is clear that Burton put his passion and heart into the making of the film. It is, without a doubt, one of the best Burton films to date.

Summary and image taken from catalog.ccls.org.

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