Jamie’s Staff Picks for August

Here are my picks for August:

More AdventurousRilo_Kiley_-_More_Adventurous
by Rilo Kiley

This is my favorite of Rilo Kiley’s albums– there isn’t a single song on it that I don’t love. Jenny Lewis’s voice adds a sultry and sad dimension to their rocks songs that have influences from blues, country, pop, and punk. If I did have to pick favorites, those tracks would be “Portion for Foxes,” (excellent for rocking out) “Does He Love You?” and “A Man/Me/Then Jim.”

Hello Ladieshello ladies

“A nerdy guy from England comes to L.A. in hopes of finding a woman.”

The humor on this show is a particular kind of awkward humor that fans of The Office will recognize (Stephen Merchant wrote for both the UK and US versions of that show). For the right person, it can be very funny. This show also does a great job of depicting the main character, Stuart, as the very lonely and painfully desperate man that he really is deep down. Rather than being a caricature, he is humanized. The show’s setting in LA also reflects his sadness: it’s a city full of hope and possibility and yet, most people have trouble achieving the dreams for which they came. Stuart is definitely one of those people. He attempts to reinvent himself in order to have the social life that he’d always wanted but he always comes up short. It’s not all doom and gloom, though– the Hall & Oates inspired soundtrack keeps the mood upbeat. I found myself singing along every time the title track, “Alone Too Long,” played at the beginning of an episode. Give this show (and Stuart) a shot!

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