TV Shows That Will Help You Forget that You’re Not at the Beach

Perhaps, like me, you’re not sure if you’re going to make it to the beach this summer. Here are a few titles that we have in our collection that are not only engrossing, but have a summer vibe that will at least help you feel like you’re participating in summer! (They will also work for unexpected rainy days on vacation.)

The Affairthe affair

This show begins almost as an experiment in memory and self-representation. The episodes often re-tell the same storyline from each character’s point of view, and the way that they see themselves and others in comparison to how the other characters view them is fascinating. The major dramatic sequences of this show take place in the beach town of Montauk, and though I’ve never been there, I definitely want to see it now after watching this show.

Hello Ladieshello ladies

This show may not be for everyone. Stephen Merchant’s humor can be painfully awkward at times (see: both the UK The Office and the US The Office— he had a hand in both), but I think for the right person it can be highly amusing. This show is set in LA and while I haven’t lived there, it seems to me that it is one of the best at capturing the promise and heartbreak of the place: Stephen’s character Stuart has re-created himself in this trendy and happening locale in the hopes of capturing himself a lady (or 50). Stuart always comes up empty-handed, and his repeated heartbreak is totally endearing. Add in the beautiful shots of the LA skyline mixed with the Hall and Oates inspired soundtrack, and you will definitely feel like you’re on an LA vacation.


Set in the Hamptons amongst the wealthy and elite, this show follows one woman’s plan for revenge against the preeminent socialite in town whom she blames for destroying the life of her father. This show is soap-opera-level ridiculous, but so fun to watch, mostly because it is so self-aware.


The O.C.the oc

While this show has perhaps become a punchline for teen soap operas, there’s no denying that it is not only entertaining but funny. This show was produced by Josh Schwartz, the same man responsible for Gossip Girl and Chuck. I’ve always found his shows to be light and witty with the occasional dose of seriousness, and his characters are always excellent. The O.C. is perhaps slightly more heavy than the other two, but the California vibes and not-too-deep plot lines are perfect for summer.


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