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The 4th season of House of Cards is finally out on DVD. There is quite a long wait until Season 5 is released on Netflix. To hold you over until 2017, or until your hold for season 4 arrives, I’ve created a list of T.V. Shows, Movies, and Audiobooks that are similar to House of Cards. 

T.V. Shows

The West Wing– Headed by President Josiah Bartlet, The West Wing demonstrates that office politics are the same everywhere; things just have greater repercussions when your office happens to be the White House. Stories surround the President; his deputy communications director Sam Seaborn; his beleaguered press secretary, C.J. Cregg; the chief of staff, recovering boozehound Leo McGarry, who sacrifices his marriage to his career. Among the global crises that Bartlet must finesse are a nuclear showdown between India and Pakistan, an American plane shot down by terrorists, and another downed U.S. plane in Iraq.

The Good WifeThe Good Wife follows a politician’s wife who pursues her own career as a defense attorney after her husband is sent to jail on charges of political corruption. Alicia Florrick not only deals with her career but also with keeping her family together as she provides a stable home for her two children.

Scandal– When trouble rears its ugly head, headline-making, life-ruining trouble, there’s only one person to call: the legendary Olivia Pope. With her steadfast rule of always trusting her gut, Olivia leads an expert team of crisis management consultants skilled at making even the most sordid, salacious scandals disappear. But as these self-proclaimed ‘gladiators in suits’ begin to reveal the cracks in their armor, will the masters of damage control be able to control the damage in their own personal lives?

Madam Secretary– In the first season of the gripping political thriller Madam Secretary, Dr. Elizabeth McCord navigates the maze of politics to protect America and affect global issues. When the current Secretary of State is killed in a mysterious airplane accident, the White House turns to Elizabeth to take over the job. As a former CIA analyst, she understands the risks of the world. However, she’s far less prepared for the treachery of politics.


All the President’s Men– True story of the Watergate break-in that led to the political scandal of the decade, based on the best-seller by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington– Washington’s youngest senator exposes corruption in high places, almost at the cost of his career.

The American President– Andrew Shepherd is a consummate politician and a man of integrity, who also happens to be a widower, ready to start dating again. He is swept off his feet by Sydney Ellen Wade. His critics rant that it is immoral and his friends proclaim that it’s romantic, but one thing is certain, all that stands between true love and re-election is the approval of the American public.

Dave– Even though Dave is more of a political comedy than drama, there are still some parallels to House of Cards. Kevin Kline stars as an off-the-wall, temporary replacement for the missing president. His unusual style of governing and decision making tip off the opposition that something is definitely “out-of-order” in Washington.


American Assassin by Vince FlynnAmerican Assassin is the first in the “Mitch Rapp Series” by Vince Flynn. For years, CIA agent Mitch Rapp has served his country with ruthless efficiency. Here, author Vince Flynn chronicles Rapp’s very first assignment, a mission that will turn the green agent into the most hardened and revered counter terrorism operative in the world.

All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren– The fictionalized account of Louisiana’s colorful–and notorious–governor Huey Pierce Long, All the King’s Men follows the startling rise and fall of Willie Stark, a country lawyer in the Deep South of the 1930s. Beset by political enemies, Stark seeks aid from his right-hand man Jack Burden, who will bear witness to the cataclysmic unfolding of this very American tragedy.

The Prince by Machiavelli– Using as his model Cesare Borgia, a Florentine price who stopped at nothing to achieve and hold political position, it still has the power to shock. Machiavelli states what most governments do (but few admit) to keep ‘corrupt’ human nature in check. He suggests that leaders must be ruthlessly despotic as well as cunningly magnanimous – that cruelty is sometimes mercy in disguise – and that it is safer to be feared than to be loved.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare– A power couple is at the forefront of House of Cards. If you enjoyed Frank and Claire’s dynamic and evolving relationship, go back to one of the earliest power couples ever written. Eleventh century Scottish nobleman Macbeth is led by an evil prophecy and his ruthless yet desirable wife to the treasonous act that makes him king. But he does not enjoy his newfound, dearly-won kingship.


All summaries and photos taken from catalog.ccls.org.

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