Zoey’s Staff Picks for July

Here is what I picked for this month, including short reviews:

Roomroom 1
dir. Lenny Abrahamson; ft. Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, and Joan Allen

“After five-year old Jack and his Mom escape from the enclosed environment that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a miraculous discovery: the outside world.”

I will admit, director Lenny Abrahamson and his entire team had a lot to tackle when they decided to adapt Emma Donoghue’s Room into a feature length film. The novel, Room, is written entirely in the point of view of 5 year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay). The novel tackles a very sensitive, and very heart-wrenching, topic through the perspective of a child, thus making it more innocent and, honestly, a little more diluted. Needless to say, the film adaptation succeeds just like the novel, but still twists the story in a little bit more of a darker light. As you can probably tell from my previous staff picks, I tend to lean more towards darker, or more somber, dramas. Room is, without a doubt, a very hard movie to watch. I don’t, however, think it leaves its viewers empty or depressed, but rather with a small sense of empowerment. Brie Larson was simply phenomenal in the movie, and at one point, had me sobbing (it is extremely rare for me to cry during/at movies); she clearly deserved the Oscar she won for Best Actress. There are, however, a few points I’m critical towards. There were a few scenes I feel as though Abrahamson’s direction came out a little too much in Tremblay’s performance. He seemed stiff and unsure of what do with what he was probably told to do. Regardless, in my opinion, this does not take away from the film.

Hozier hozier
by Hozier

I’m sure, without a doubt, that you’ve heard “Take Me To Church,” at one point, on the radio. The rest of Hozier’s debut album, I feel, sadly goes unnoticed. It’s clear the Irish musician has some blues roots, and even some would go so far as to say there is a slight hint of traditional Irish music also infused in his work. All of his songs on his self-titled album are thought and emotion provoking. My favorite tracks are “Cherry Wine,” “Work Song,” and “Like Real People Do.”

Images and summary taken from catalog.ccls.org.

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