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woman in goldWoman in Gold was one of the most highly requested movies over this past summer. There is no doubt that so many enjoyable aspects of the movie can leave you craving more. Below is a list of Movies, T.V. Shows and Audiobooks that are similar to Simon Curtis’s Woman in Gold. Stop by the library to check out some of the titles.


The Pianist: If you enjoyed the flashbacks of Woman in Gold that depicted the horrors of World War II and Maria Altman’s (Helen Mirren and Tatiana Maslany) harrowing escape of Nazi occupation, give The Pianist a try. It follows a Polish Jew’s traumatic journey escaping Jewish ghettos during the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Mortdecai: If you found yourself enjoying Maria’s fight to recover her family’s artwork, you may enjoy Mortdecai. The film follows art dealer Charlie Mortdecai as he races to recover a stolen painting that he believes contains a code leading to Nazi gold.

Big Eyes: Take a step away from WWII and into the late 1960s with Big Eyes. Similar to Woman in Gold,  in regards to art theft, the film depicts the legal difficulties artist, Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), battled after her husband claimed credit for her work.

T.V. Shows:

Foyle’s War: If you were particular to the crime that occurred during WWII, Foyle’s War is a perfect match. This PBS Masterpiece Theatre television show follows English Detective Christopher Foyle as he solves crimes in the midst of WWII.

Damages: If you enjoyed Randy Schoenberg’s (Ryan Reynolds) story line in Woman in Gold, Damages depicts similar aspects of how lawyers can become obsessed with their cases.


Art Forger by Barbara Shapario: Again, a huge part of Woman in Gold surrounds artwork and the legal implications of thievery. Explore another aspect with the legality of artwork in Art Forger. While artist Claire agrees to forge a painting that was stolen, a mystery begins to rapidly unfold.

The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History by Robert Edsel: In Woman in Gold, Maria not only wanted to regain her family’s heirlooms but also to obtain justice from the damage the Nazis caused. Explore the the true life story of a little-known WWII Allied division whose mission was to track down European art and treasures that had been looted by the Nazis at Hitler’s command with Edsel’s audiobook. Check out the movie adaptation of Monuments Men too.

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