Free YA Audiobooks Week Nine

It’s Week Nine of SYNC’s YA audiobook giveaway!

SYNC is providing one YA bestseller and one classic for free. The current titles are available until July 9th, and while the title availability is time-limited, your listening time is not. Once you have downloaded the MP3 files, the audiobook is yours to listen to at your leisure.

Download the 9th free YA Novel & Summer Reading Classic pair from SYNC

Echoes of an Angel
By Aquanetta Gordon, Chris Macias
Read by Robin Miles
Published by Christian Audio

Summary: The remarkable story of Ben Underwood, who became blind at the age of two, and learned how to use echolocation. By clicking his tongue and “seeing” waves, Ben learned how to ride a bike, identify objects, and even play video games. Echoes of an Angel is the true story of how a single mom pushed her son beyond his limits and how that son learned the impossible.

Buddha Boy
By Kathe Koja
Read by Spencer Murphy
Performed by a Full Cast

Summary: At school Jinsen is known as “Buddha Boy.” He wears tie-dye dragon T-shirts that are too big, shaves his head, and is always smiling. When Justin is paired with him for a class project, Justin gets to know Jinsen and stars questioning his own beliefs. What matters more: getting to know someone extraordinary or high school social order?

Downloading Tips:
The OverDrive Media Console will deliver SYNC summer audiobooks to you via Overdrive Media Software installed on your computer (compatible with Windows and Mac) or through an Overdrive App on your mobile device (compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7).
Visit our OverDrive website to download the App or Software.

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