Staff Picks

Dragana’s Picksmad men
Mad Men
AMC’s award-winning TV series depicting the American sixties through the New York based advertising agency. So historically authentic, you will enjoy going back in time!

magic of lang langThe Magic of Lang Lang by Lang Lang
Lay back and let Lang Lang bring you along to the magical world of piano virtuoso. Feel the emotions of this unique artist as he plays with piano keys making it look so easy.


Jessie’s Pickspride and prejudice and zombies
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austen
Ever wondered how Elizabeth would fare against a zombie? Then this is the perfect book for you! It is a very well done mash-up of Austen’s classic with zombies.
young victoria
Young Victoria
Great period drama about Victoria becoming queen, falling in love, and deciding about whom she should trust and depend on.  Emily Blunt does a great job portraying Queen Victoria.


Kim’s Pickswolf in the parlor
The Wolf in the Parlor by Jon Franklin
Makes a great case for dogs domesticating themselves! Fascinating.

underworld evolutionUnderworld: Evolution
Kate Beckinsale is back as Selene and feistier than ever in this sequel to Underworld. Vampires, lycans (werewolves), hybrids. Tense and exciting action sequences. A gut-busting climax on a rope bridge inside a castle!


Kristina’s Picksorphan masters son
The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson
Set in North Korea, this epic tells the story of Pak Jun Do and shows what the human spirit can endure. A portrait of hunger, corruption, power, and pain with stolen moments of beauty and love, Johnson provides a remarkable novel. A must read/listen.

shakersThe Shakers
A wonderful documentary chronicling the religious Shaker movement in America. Told through music, pictures, and interviews with the last few remaining Shakers, Ken Burns uses his signature directing style to keep you entertained. A great documentary featuring a group that is largely forgotten in today’s America.


Stephanie’s Picksnot that kind of girl
Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham is slowly, but surely, becoming a predominant voice of the millennial generation. Love her or hate her, she is not afraid to discuss any subject, as evident in her memoir Not That Kind of Girl. Dunham’s book is an intimate insight into the mind of a clever twenty-eight year old girl. She has no personal filters, is exceptionally self-centered, and has a number of neuroses that require constant feeding; however, she also possesses exceptional powers of perception and analysis. Fans of her hit television show Girls are sure to enjoy the book, and Lena’s audiobook narration.

el pintorEl Pintor by Interpol
El Pintor might be the strongest Interpol album yet, since” Turn on the Bright Lights”. The album has an intricate rhythm presence, and displays warm melodies in a deep atmospheric backdrop.
This album is a shining example of a band that’s been around for decades can reinvent themselves, and stay relevant, all the while staying true to their original vision.

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