OverDrive app for the Kindle Fire

The OverDrive Media Console app is now available for the Kindle Fire. This app allows you to check out Adobe ePub eBooks and MP3 eAudiobooks on your Kindle Fire. Follow these directions to get started:KindleFire350

1. Hit the apps tab from the home page of your Kindle Fire
2. Then hit the “Store” button in the upper right hand corner
3. Use the search bar to search for the “OverDrive Media Console”
4. Hit “Download” to download the app
5. The app is now at your Apps bookshelf. Open the app
6. Tap the menu button (it has three lines in it) at the bottom of the screen
7. Choose the “Get Books” option.
8. Tap “Add a Library” at the bottom of the screen and search for your library by zip code
9. Select your library.
10. To save your library so that you will not have to search for it again, hit the star icon
11. Then tap on the library to go to our eMedia website
12. Choose an eBook or an eAudiobook and tap “Add to eCart”
13. Then choose “Proceed to Checkout”
14. Enter your library card number.
15. Choose between a checkout period of 7 or 14 days and then tap “Confirm checkout”
16. Tap “Download”
17. Sign-in with your Adobe ID if prompted (if you do not have an Adobe ID, choose “Get ID” and then enter the ID under “Settings”)
18. Once the book is download, go to your “Bookshelf” and tap on the book.

The OverDrive Media Console app is also available for the Nook tablets, Android devices, and the iPad/iPhone.

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