Staff Review: Ruby Sparks

As this indie drama ruby sparkscommences, we watch the struggles of the once-prodigal writer Calvin (Little Miss Sunshine‘s Paul Dano). Preferring solitude and the company of his type-writer, Calvin at first relies upon his therapist (Elliot Gould) and his family (Chris Messina, Annette Bening, and Antonio Banderas) to draw him out. Yet upon receiving a writing assignment, Calvin finds that his drive to write renews with a vengeance. Becoming passionately and romantically involved in his new character, Ruby Sparks (Broadway actress/playwright Zoe Kazan), Calvin finds that his dreams and waking thoughts are no longer his own. When a flesh and blood Ruby Sparks suddenly and magically appears, neither Calvin nor his family question her. What does come into question, however, are Calvin’s ideas surrounding women, love and his choices as a writer, for he can control Ruby through his typewriter.

Paul Dano’s convincing performance as a lost writer combined with Zoe Kazan’s quirky sweetness allows for a fun chemistry to develop between them on screen (and off screen–they date in real life as well). Overall Ruby Sparks proposes interesting questions concerning love, purpose, motivation, and power, and does not let viewers down. Pick up your copy at the Chester County Library today!

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