The NOOKs have arrived and are ready for you to check out today!

Visit your local library and be one of the first to check out a NOOK preloaded with popular eBook titles. Eachlocal library has seven different genre based NOOKs. You can choose from a NOOK with mystery, romance, science fiction, thrillers, non‐fiction or biography titles. You may search the library catalog and see the titles available on each themed NOOK. They can be checked out for‐reader for a “petting zoo” to encourage

three weeks.

The Chester County Library System received a $30,000 Library Services and Technology Act
(LSTA) Innovative Projects Grant to expand and enhance library service by adding eReaders toits collection. LSTA Grants provide libraries an opportunity to transform service for their
customers. They play an important role in helping libraries embrace technology, establish new
services and engage the public. The Office of Commonwealth Libraries administers the Federal LSTA funds for Commonwealth Libraries. As part of the grant each of the 18 member libraries also received a Nook Simple Touch, Kindle and Sony eReader for you to become familiar with the devices.

The purchase of eBook titles for the NOOKs was made possible through an $18,000 grant from the Chester County Library Trust

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