In the Spotlight: New and Notable Comedy Albums

Hi All,
Here is a list of New and Notable Comedy Albums that just came in to the Chester County Library.

Sleepwalk With Me by Mike Birbiglia
Happy Thoughts by Daniel Tosh
Turtleneck and Chain by The Lonely Island
Team America World Police Music From the Motion Picture
Aged and Confused by Bill Engvall
Circle by Eddie Izzard
Doing My Time by Jim Gaffigan
Dress To Kill by Eddie Izzard
Drunk In Public by Ron White
In Other Words by Kathleen Madigan
Metro Jethro by Jon Reep
Intimate Momements for a Sensual Evening by Aziz Ansari
Mitch All Together by Mitch Hedberg
My Secret Public Journal Live by Mike Birbiglia
Never Scared by Chris Rock
Seriously, Who Farted? by Nick Swardson
Skanks for the Memories by Dave Attell
Sleepwalk with Me Live by Mike Birbiglia
Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome by Maria Bamford
Weapons of Self Destruction by Robin Williams
What the Hell Happened to Me? by Adam Sandler
The White Album by Lewis Black

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