April is National Poetry Month

In 1996 the Academy of American Poets inaugurated April as National Poetry month. Since then, April has been celebrated all over the United States with special programs, contests, and poetry readings. To learn more about poetry and National Poetry Month visit: www.poets.org to visit the website of the Academy of American Poets. Also check out some great multimedia materials celebrating poetry that can be found at your library.

For Your Listening Pleasure-Poetry Audiobooks:

Black Pearls: The Poetry of Maya Angelou

81 Famous Poems: An Audio Companion to the Norton Anthology of Poetry, 3rd edition

Dylan Thomas reads A Child’s Christmas in Wales: And Five Poems

Great poets of the Romantic Age

The Iliad by Homer

The Aeneid by Virgil ; Translated by Robert Fagles ;

Paradise Lost by John Milton

Poetry Put to Music- A selection of Poetry CDs:

Twistable, Turnable Man: a musical Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein.

When You’re Strange: A Film About the Doors: Songs From the Motion picture. This soundtrack contains music from the Doors with actor Johnny Depp reading poems by Jim Morrison.

Horses by Patti Smith. Smith is a singer/ song writer whose work is considered to be a fusion of rock and poetry.

Real and Imagined- A selection of Movies About Poets and Poetry:

HOWL: The Movie. James Franco stars in this film about Allen Ginsberg retelling about the events that lead to the writing of the poem Howl. (2010)

Bright Star. Abbie Cornish and Ben Wishaw star in this romantic film about 19th century poet John Keats and his next door neighbor Fanny Brawne, who became his muse. (2009)

Sylvia. Gwyneth Paltrow stars as poet Sylvia Plath. (2004)

Bukowski. Documentary about poet Charles Bukowski poet and cult hero. (2003).

Before Night Falls. Javier Bardem stars in this film about Reinaldo Arenas, which is based on the memoir of the same name. (2000)

Piñero. Movie about poet-playwright-actor Miguel Pinero, whose work is considered a pre-cursor to rap and hip-hop. Stars Benjamin Bratt. (2001)

The United States of Poetry. Five episodes of the television program of the same name about 60 American poets from different walks of life. (1995)

Rumi. This documentary chronicles one women’s journey after a serious car crash to the discovery of Persian poet Rumi and the scholars around the world who study his works today. (2005)

-Compiled by Katie G. at CCL

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